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We’re an offshore back office solution for mortgage brokers, trained by some of the best brokers across Australia.

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Deep expertise meets resource efficiency

Outsourced Experts was created to help brokers maximise their impacts.


From scheduling assistance to UMI calculation, each of our specialists is an expert in their field.


They take care of the backend workload, enabling your brokers to take more meetings, help more clients, and drive more revenue.


It’s the best of both worlds: the expertise you need combined with the affordability of offshore fulfilment.

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A message from
our CEO

Outsourced Experts is the best kind of company – one born as a solution to our own challenges.

We couldn’t scale the way we wanted with our brokers handling time-consuming back office tasks, so we built an offshore fulfilment mechanism that did everything for us.

Now, we’ve made the system that helped us drive over $6.389 billion in loans available to you too.

Sheryl Resposo

Chief Executive Officer

Our Evolution

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2016 - 2020
Outsourcing Begins

In 2016, digitisation began to take off. New business possibilities emerged – including global workplaces, unrestricted by location. So, our founders decided to capitalise. Their experiment was niche: offshore backend fulfilment for Australian brokers. At first, there were hiccups. We had to invest time into building an offshore team who could meet our quality benchmarks, and our sole client was a small firm based in Melbourne. But, by the time 2020 rolled in, we’d done it: a fully functional offshore team that could handle backend work for Australian brokers.

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The Model Is Validated

At the start of 2021, the outsourced backend model was still an experiment – a successful experiment, but an experiment nonetheless. Was it sustainable? Could we land more clients from across Australia? Would we run into talent acquisition issues in the future? Those were questions we didn’t have the answers to, so we proceeded cautiously and kept investing in systems and training. As 2021 became 2022 and 2022 drew to an end, though, we realised that the model was validated. We’d had two years of unmatched success, settling more than $1 billion in gross loans over 2021 and significantly growing our team of brokers. What we’d built had worked.

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Outsourced Experts Is Born

Confirmation created confidence. We were ready to start taking on new clients and helping more brokers. Our pitch was simple: a team of offshore specialists, conditioned through experience and our rigorous training regimen, and an app that consolidated three years of field-tested IP into a single, easy-to-use system. And so, in 2023, Outsourced Experts was born.

Success Story

The Australian Lending & Investment Centre

The Australian Lending & Investment Centre (ALIC) has helped investors and home buyers take out over $6.389 billion in loans since 2009.

With Outsourced Experts’ help, they’ve expanded from a successful Melbourne brokerage to a national firm with multiple offices around the country. 

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